• Casa Loma ‘heritage’ project tests market by Caitlin Nobes

    Its success, or failure, may be the bellwether of Toronto’s cooling high-end market. But the investor behind the controversial redevelopment of the Maclean house – a heritage site near Casa Loma – says the project is better positioned to win buyers than other properties languishing in tony neighbourhoods.

  • 7 things graffiti artists want to rebut by

    Oops! Property investors weren’t the only ones fascinated by the recent CREW article on fighting graffiti -- 7 things graffiti artists don't want you to know. Graffiti artists were, too.

  • TD: Housing correction put on hold by Vernon Clement Jones

    Oh, the sky is still falling on Toronto and Vancouver housing markets -- just not for another couple years -- say TD economists, updating an earlier prediction.

  • Trump advisor to Canuck investors: 'Increase the budget' by Editorial Team

    When George Ross offers some advice, property investors – especially his boss, Donald Trump – listen. But that's true on both sides of the border, with hundreds of Canadian investors expected to reflect on his every word at a fundraiser in Hamilton, Ont., Tuesday.

  • Jobs numbers to slow BoC rate hike by Vernon Clement Jones

    If there’s going to be a silver lining in slower-than-expected job growth, says one Toronto mortgage analyst, it’ll be slower-than-expected rate hikes at the Bank of Canada.

  • Law firm: Hold your e-horses, Realtors by Caitlin Nobes

    While Ontario Realtors push for allowing e-signatures on property sales, a national law firm is warning there are significant reliability issues to solve first.

  • Investors welcome falling housing starts by Vernon Clement Jones

    It was with a tap and not a thud, but May housing starts did, indeed, fall from the previous month’s record high, according to the latest national numbers.

  • Miami heats condo market for Canucks by Kit Kadlec

    Predicting the bottom of a real estate cycle can be tricky, but Canadian investors who bought into the Miami condominium market last year may have done just that. And the rewards have been huge.

  • U.S. analyst: Canuck REITs kicking U.S. butt by Vernon Clement Jones

    Here’s yet another reason why Canadian investors may be jollier than their American counterparts: Their real estate investment trusts are kicking U.S. butt, say analysts.

  • OSFI relieves investors of re-qualifying threat by Vernon Clement Jones

    It’s good news for homeowners, and, indeed, investors, with the federal banking regulator now clarifying its position on re-qualifying borrowers at renewal -- effectively maintaining the status quo.

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