• And the REIN-ing investment capital of Canada is... by Vernon Clement Jones

    Calgary and Edmonton have again been crowned the best property investment markets in Canada – this latest coronation courtesy of one of the country’s leading real estate networks.

  • Take your seats for a really big slooow by Vernon Clement Jones

    Both single- and multiple-family housing starts fell in October, according to new CMHC numbers Thursday, providing more evidence that Canada's once-frenetic market is coming down from its high.

  • CREW posts big gains in 3rd Quarter by CREW

    Canadian Real Estate Wealth magazine enjoyed its best third quarter ever, with all three issues making real strides in newsstand sales.

  • Condo cap rates fall below 4% by Vernon Clement Jones

    New research suggests cap rates for Toronto condo investments are running in and around 4 per cent, despite some of the highest rents in Canada and the kind of preferred pricing many players access.

  • Vacancy rates on their way down by Vernon Clement Jones

    Investors can expect the status quo to stick around for the next six months, with CMHC pointing to the same kind of homebuying demand that ushered in the lowest vacancy rates in decades.

  • Ottawa 'Condo Queen' dethroned, fined by Nestor Arellano

    A well-known Ottawa Realtor -- calling herself the Condo Queen -- has been fined $206,250 and had her license suspended for four months after pleading guilty to obstructing an investigation into her unlawful use of agents.

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