• BoC warning on consumer debt by Vernon Clement Jones

    It’s perhaps the strongest warning a weak economy will allow the Bank of Canada to make, its No. 2 in command suggesting rising consumer debt could force interest rates onto the same upward trajectory.

  • Condo developers slow construction plans by Vernon Clement Jones

    Condo developers may finally have gotten the message – Jim Flaherty’s message – with the value of building permits for multi-family construction down 24.6 per cent from a year ago.

  • Sweetening the JV deal for 'money partners' by Jemima Codrington

    A joint venture veteran is offering a creative strategy for keeping money partners from feeling overexposed, pointing to a financing approach that sees the expert partner secure a vendor loan.

  • Realtor: Tax condo flipping by Vernon Clement Jones

    Cover your ears, investors. A respected Toronto Realtor is suggesting the federal government consider imposing capital gains taxes on condo flipping or taxing condo assignments altogether as a way of better controlling an errant real estate market.

  • T.O. to NYC: Take that! by

    Na na na na na, New York. According to a new report from Cushman & Wakefield, Toronto is expected to add over 1.59 million square feet of triple-A office space in 2014 – nearly twice as much as the Big Apple.

  • Phew! GTA sales fall a modest 1.3% by Vernon Clement Jones

    Fears of a major slowdown for Canada's largest market appear to be overblown, with January sales falling a modest 1.3 per cent from a year ago and prices actually climbing in excess of 4 per cent.

  • 'Special' condos for special investors by Vernon Clement Jones

    It’s a special condo project that may require no less special an investor, with developers hoping to bring Winnipeg its first residential develop made entirely of – wait for it – shipping containers.

  • Commercial listings go off the grid by Jemima Codrington

    Investors fishing for commercial properties will increasingly have to cast their nets wider than MLS and troll the websites of a growing number of "private" listings off the grid.

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