• Don’t fret about the U.S., says economist by Grainne Burns

    Canadians worried about the impact the frozen U.S. federal goverment will have their property investments -- both here and in the States -- fear not, suggests one leading economist.

  • Investors confidence soars at Wealth & Real Estate event by Mark David

    Reports from around the globe often present a gloomy picture for real estate performance. Much time is spent playing up the negative aspects of the industry, which leaves many people wondering about the real state of real estate.

  • Low interest rates till late 2016? by Justin da Rosa

    The Bank of Nova Scotia has reforecast its outlook on the Bank of Canada and now believes the bank will hold off on hiking its overnight rate until 2016.

  • War of the words, Part II by

    As with all unpleasant breakups, there are at least two side to the story. CREW spoke to the Greater Montreal Real Estate Board and the Canadian Real Estate Association to see if there is any resolution to their fractious relationship.

  • Do you have what it takes to sell your own property? by CREW

    To the chagrin of many real estate agents, private sales show no sign of going away, although there’s growing indication many of those sellers will ultimately turn to the traditional model as a Plan B.

  • Montreal to break up with CREA? by Grainne Burns

    After months of fighting and heartache, The Greater Montreal Real Estate Board said they will separate from the Canadian Real Estate Association if last attempts to save their relationship fails.

  • Are you sure you are insured? by Grainne Burns

    Condo buyers, take a look at those terms and conditions again because your unit may not be as fully insured as you think.

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