• Investors still love big banks: Poll by Mark David

    When it comes to seeking funding for major property purchases, there are a variety of options available to real estate investors. However, the results of a recent poll show the majority of investors continue to prefer dealing with a major bank, even as those institutions tighten lending guidelines.

  • Condo prices in Vancouver expected to drop by Mark David

    Vancouver is generally viewed as a prime location for real estate sellers, but the results of a recent study indicate that the city’s market may inevitably favour buyers.

  • New rules bring down Toronto market by Mark David

    August was a tough month for all existing home sales in the Greater Toronto Area. According to some recently released figures from the Toronto Real Estate Board, sales fell by 12.5%.

  • Time to up your cash flow by Paul Kondakos,

    The point of purchasing an investment property is to make money. Ergo the term "investment" property. However, all too often I see seasoned real estate investors making the same mistake or at the very least, overlooking a simple accounting maneuver that can help them get thousands of dollars more on the sale of their investment property.

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