• Could this tiny investment propel massive returns? by Neil Sharma

    You may have seen tiny homes while watching television—they’re often touted as eco-friendly remedies to the exorbitant cost of housing, but the reality is that a few kinks have yet to be worked out

  • Zoning could be key to funding downtown relief line by Neil Sharma

    Toronto’s downtown relief subway line—should the political will needed to build it ever materialize—could partly fund itself, to say nothing of the skyrocketing valuations that will result

  • Another major housing market is reeling by Neil Sharma

    Many of the predictions about first-time buyers becoming excluded from the housing market because of the mortgage stress test are coming true

  • Evidence suggests rent control is misunderstood by Neil Sharma

    While it’s long been speculated that rent control impedes the construction of purpose-built rental buildings—of which there’s a pronounced shortage in the Toronto region—recent data dispels that notion

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