• Infill development could yield 176,074 units more units by Neil Sharma

    The projection for rental housing demand in Ontario has doubled in a few short years to create a supply gap north of 40,000 units, driven by a propitious economy, falling homeownership rates and mass immigration, according to a report from Urbanation and the Federation of Rental-housing Providers of Ontario (FRPO).

  • COVID-19 turns cottages into hot commodities by Neil Sharma

    Following trends seen in New York and London, people are leaving the Greater Toronto Area for spacious pastures, but unlike the former two cities, a pattern unique to the GTA has emerged.

  • Why you should refinance your mortgage now by Neil Sharma

    Historically low interest rates have been the impetus for a homebuying frenzy that’s swept much of Canada, but it’s also presented a unique, if a once in a lifetime, opportunity for real estate investors.

  • What investors can do in lieu of mortgage deferrals by Neil Sharma

    Many real estate investors took advantage of mortgage deferrals that were offered at the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, and while they thought they had received reprieves, they, in fact, opened up another can of worms.

  • Land assessments make or break developers by Neil Sharma

    When he ran Mutual Gain in 1990 as a cost consultant for banks, Mike Bowering often spoke in front of the Ontario Home Builders’ Association, where attendees wanted to hear about lumber and other construction costs.

  • Canada’s housing market is slumping: REIN by Neil Sharma

    Despite headlines to the contrary, Canada’s housing market is in the early stages of a slump, claims a new report from the Real Estate Investment Network (REIN).

  • Strong October real estate market could decline in November by Neil Sharma

    Canadian homes sales declined marginally by 0.7% in October from a month earlier, but actual activity compared to a year ago increased by 32.1% because of how many people have chosen to upgrade their households, likely as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, according to the Canadian Real Estate Association.

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