A course in tenant rights?

It’s guaranteed to upset property investors, but a course focused on helping tenants protect themselves against landlords is winning praise.

“We're training … tenants," Marty Blaustein, with the non-profit Utah Legal Services, told KUTV.ca. "This is not invitation for landlords."


The lawyer is now leading a new lecture series focused on apprising tenants of their rights in a market he describes as almost entirely slanted in favour of landlords.

In fact, Blaustein tells KUTV, "If you're renting in Utah, be prepared to get screwed."

His course aims to help tenants grappling with deferred maintenance issues, fending off rental increases and attempting to cancel eviction proceedings.

Bloustein argues that his lectures will hopefully reduce renter frustrations and keep families from losing their homes.

"Part of the reason we have so many homeless people is the eviction laws in the state of Utah," he said.

Landlords across North America are already bristling at the very premise of the class, concerned it sets up an adversarial relationship between their tenants and themselves.

It also has the potential to stymie eviction efforts where and when they are warranted.

Still, Bloustein says that the dearth of tenant-protecting laws in his market often penalize renters unfairly.

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  • by 2015-09-11 1:22:10 PM

    Utah?? Really?? And this is relevant to Canadians, how??

  • by Annoyed 2015-09-30 9:21:26 AM

    I agree with the above. The LTB in Ontario is weighted so heavily in favour of the tenants the landlords have basically have minimal rights.
    Should the tenants not follow through with their obligation and responsibilities the landlords are the ones penalized with costs and damages by the tribunal. The landlords need to get better organized to lobby for changes.

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