A push for landlord licensing

An advocacy group is pushing for landlord licensing in one of Canada’s hottest investor markets.

The Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now (ACORN), an independent national organization of low- and moderate-income families, published a report Tuesday, entitled State of Repair: The Tenants’ Case for Landlord Licensing in Toronto.

“Late this fall the mayor and city council will decide the fate of the proposed landlord licensing program. This report acts as a reminder to Mayor Tory and city council that they represent all of Toronto, not just homeowners,” ACORN said in the report. “A licensing regime would increase the quality of life for hundreds of thousands of residents while being revenue neutral and costing tax payers nothing.”

According to the report, which is based on a survey sent to low and moderate income ACORN members, the majority of Torontonian tenants struggle to pay rent while also struggling to have home deficiencies address by landlords.
It found that 69.5% of respondents claim repairs were needed in their unit on the day they moved in and that 95% claim to be living in conditions that violate municipal property standards.

“Landlord licensing would make it so that there are annual inspections of all buildings in the City of Toronto with 3 or more floors and 10 or more units, and would make it so that landlords that fail these inspections would face large financial punishments from the city,” ACORN said. “Landlord licensing would create a system similar to the licensing of restaurants. Buildings will have an annual inspection of common areas, boilers, elevators, and electrical systems.

“The inspections will also check if landlords are keeping up with cleaning, maintenance and pest control requirements,” it continued. “The landlord would pay a small fee for every unit in their building to the city and city inspectors would ensure that healthy standards are upheld without undue burden on the city’s budget.”

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  • by LanceH 2016-11-02 9:52:35 AM

    Like all Lefty Socialists, they always seek to control or "fix" through adding more rules on top of the rules that caused the problem in the first place via force of the state.

    The worst offender is the City of Toronto, who will exempt itself from the license. Landlords will band together and demand they be allowed to increase rents substantially, as the usual 1% doesn't come close. In fact, that's what caused all this in the first place. The other problem is they can't get rid of bad tenants that wreck the joint, so eventually they throw their hands in the air. If they could simply oust bad tenants, and increase rents that would do it. So really what you have here is a situation caused by bad rules, which they're trying to fix with more bad rules.

    Yeah, Venezuela does that too!

  • by J. Walker 2016-11-02 11:27:05 AM

    The solution to this problem is to enforce the EXISTING bylaws,
    not by creating more layers of unaccountable bureaucracy.

  • by William 2016-11-02 1:01:04 PM

    I'm still trying to figure out why when a tenant brings in bedbugs to their unit that the landlord should be held responsible to fix the problem ? Why when the prices of real estate goes up that the tenants believe they should not be a part of the rising increases of expenses ? The biggest problem is the Landlord and Tenant Board who have no idea of what a landlord goes through. If the rents were paid directly to landlords for people on assistance without the availability of being revoked anytime the tenant gets the urge then that will also alleviate some issues. Allowing disabled persons to manage their own affairs is a wonderful idea. Unfortunately its only a wish and not possible in most cases. Increasing the assistance amount and direct deposit to landlord without being revokable will solve many issues. It will also provide revenue to landlords to make the necessary repairs to the apt. If not then there is a reason to apply fines against those landlords. Canada is way behind in the amount of micro apartments as well. If you want to see a building that works but isn't promoted in Canada then look at the linkhttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9CBxHd0uEdw

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