Anticipated Bauhaus Condos nearing release date

by Neil Sharma on 23 Feb 2021

It’s been said that the road to the millionaire’s club winds through the real estate market, and it’s difficult to argue otherwise.

Of course, there are myriad homes in which to invest and choosing the right one as an investment vehicle requires shrewdness and patience—the latter because the perfect property hasn’t always hit the market yet. Fortunately, that patience is about to pay off in spades.

Bauhaus Condos, the King St. E. tower in downtown Toronto from Lamb Development Corp., is slated to open sales in the very near future, and with much fanfare thanks to its air of exclusivity: the elegantly designed building will only have 218 units dispersed among its 32 storeys, hitting 3,414 sq ft on the upper end. With so many people jockeying for a unit, Bauhaus is easily one of the most anticipated releases of 2021.

One of the reasons preconstruction condo investments are wealth builders is because they don’t require mortgages, and by the time one is needed, there’s already been a few years of rental appreciation, says Ryan Coyle, co-founder of Realty, which is hosting a webinar on Bauhaus Condos on Feb. 24.

“It helps you create passive income,” said Coyle, who, along with Brad Lamb, will demonstrate how handpicked properties can be used to turn real estate investors into millionaires in no time.

As the star of Big City Broker, Lamb is one of Canada’s most recognized developers, but inside the real estate industry his company is renowned for its superlative builds. A national newspaper even once said his name is synonymous with condominiums, which isn’t a surprise considering he’s played a crucial role in Toronto’s 21st century condominium boom, using his acumen to transform the city’s skyline, save perhaps for the CN Tower.

“Our goal is to deliver great architecture, clever modern interior design, and exceptional finishes,” reads The Lamb Standard. “All of this is standard at every Lamb Development Corp. project. We guarantee that no other developer can or will deliver the same standard.”

Bauhaus will have, in addition to having 9’ ceilings in all principal rooms, exposed concrete walls and columns, as well as large windows out of which residents can marvel at the changing face of Toronto—which has entered the same conversation as other skyscraper juggernauts like New York and Chicago.


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