Are full-time Realtors really better than part-timers?

Part-time agents do the same courses, pay the same fees and hold the same license yet are generally looked upon with disdain by full-time agents.
But is that criticism justified? Can a part-time sales agent generate the same amount of business and quality service as their full-time counterparts?
Grant Hilborn, sales representative with Re/Max Ultimate Realty Inc., says it is easy to get the licence but almost impossible to commit to the industry on a part-time basis.  “It’s an industry that you are either in or not,” he says. “It’s time consuming, requires a lot of energy and focus so you cannot half commit to it.”
Hilborn says the average working week of a full-time agent is 50 hours and that the level of competition now in the industry means more work is required to generate business.

“There are over 28,000 licensed real estate agents in Toronto, alone,” he says. “You need to invest a lot of time in client relationships and that is very hard when you are limited in time.”
Paolo Di Petta, a mortgage agent who is currently studying to get his real estate licence, says most new players need another part-time job to survive financially in the first two years of selling.

“It’s very hard starting out as you are networking and building relationships and not necessarily making any cash,” he says.
Di Petta, however, argues that there are key areas where part-time real estate agents can just be as productive as their full-time counterparts.
Where the line between Par-timers and Full-time agents blur:

1.    Focus
“Successful part-time agents focus on one or two key markets or areas of expertise. This is also true of clients. Sometimes focusing on one good client is better than trying to manage three.”
2.    Time Management
“Time management is essential for those agents limited by hours. A good agent can do as much good work in two hours as another can spend four.”
3.    Organization
“An organized agent does not waste hours on paperwork or accounts. Prioritising is essential for a part-time agent to work efficiently.
4.    Identifying Key Clients
“A good part-time agent will be able identify key clients to maximise their time,” he says. “Spending time building that relationship could yield a better return than working with a number of clients.”
5.    Managing Online Presence
“I don’t see the value in spending hours online trying to chase leads,” he says. “Having an online presence is good for branding and awareness but you can’t beat personal communication.”

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