Big landlord defends himself against evicted tenants

A landlord is to appear before the Residential Tenancy Board today after tenants were evicted from a property he managed because the city deemed it unsafe.

The landlord, who owns eight properties in Halifax, NS, has been accused of taking advantage of people who have few options for housing due to poverty, disability and stigma, according to

In October, several tenants living at the property were evicted when the city declared it unsafe. For instance, one of the former tenants said her power was constantly flickering on and off – she was told it was from mice chewing on wires.

“The Residential Tenancy Board is being given a chance to say unscrupulous landlords will not get away with endangering their tenants,” said Evan Coole, a community legal worker with the Dalhousie Legal Aid Service, in a news release. “Our hope is they take it.”

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  • by Mart 2015-03-05 2:58:38 PM

    Ok guys, this is breaking news? Is this magazine a source for credible and professional information or national enquirer with bogus headlines? Strike two CREM! One more silly deceptive email and crappy article and im out! U r losing credibility!

  • by 2015-03-05 3:21:40 PM

    I don't believe that's credible, the tenancy board does not have the jurisdiction for that kind of statement. If they had said the health and safety board than yes, but tenancy board would only be pulled in to sue the landlord because he would have been required to breach the lease early and there would be consequences associated to that.

  • by Mert 2015-03-05 7:13:58 PM

    Running out of content perhaps but this is not breaking news by any means.

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