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Boutique mid-rise comes to Ontario’s wine country

by Neil Sharma on 16 Mar 2021

Everything from eccentric microbreweries to exquisite cuisine have made their way from Toronto to Beamsville, where a slew of new development is transforming it from a sleepy to bustling town.

But arguably the major draw for Beamsville is that it’s in the heart of Ontario’s wine country, and as couples make their way west to buy crates of wine from their favourite, idiosyncratically named wineries like Organized Crime and Megalomaniac, they’re noticing the nascent residential development.

“In the summertime, you want to go for a drive and check out wine country, plus all the condos that are going to get built there,” said Shaminder Gogna, Broker of Record and Founding President of Condoville, which is working with a landowner in Beamsville to develop Bench Condos, a five-storey, 32-unit boutique building that will have three ground-level commercial suites yet to be sold.

“It has functional units with two bedrooms and two bathrooms, and over 1,000 sq ft for a liveable layout. With modern finishes and stainless steel appliances, 10 colour palettes that buyers can choose from, and 10-foot ceilings, this project is absolutely end user-driven.”

Units come with one parking spot and there’s a large outdoor terrace as The Bench’s crown jewel amenity, but Gogna says people are moving to Beamsville from the Oakville, Burlington and Hamilton areas because they can get more space for their dollar. Moreover, as many Bench Condos buyers have told Gogna, Beamsville’s quaintness is charming, but atypical of small municipalities, it satisfies their refined tastes as well.

“You have amenities like Costco and Starbucks, which are only three or four highway stops west of Grimsby, so you’re in between two major markets in a quiet town where you can really enjoy the finer things, like the wineries and the breweries,” said Gogna. “You’re also close to Lake Ontario; it’s just on the other side of the QEW.”

Beamsville is also part of the Metrolinx Expansion Plan, which will be minutes away from Bench Condos, allowing residents to work in downtown Toronto and retire to a quiet community at night and on the weekends, where they can still enjoy much of the fare Toronto’s known for.

“We’re finding a lot of couples are buying because they’re passing our site on their way to wineries and they say to themselves, ‘Oh my God, we can live here now.’ Whether it’s their second place to stay or they’re warming up to selling their real estate in Oakville and Burlington, they’re pleasantly surprised that there’s something in Beamsville they can buy. The nearby wineries in Niagara-on-the-Lake have also become a big attraction for couples.”

Condoville has a few other Beamsville-based boutique condo developments readying for launch because of the town's large potential.

“We have another site pre-launching in the fall,” said Gogna. “It’s Ontario’s wine country, which is No. 1, but we have some units and many more developments to come in this area.”

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