Brick house or stucco house? Depends on the investor type

“Many new homes will have brick-facing exteriors for aesthetic purposes, but will use vinyl or – more recently – hardy plank for the bulk of the construction, although it has been reported to have not done well with our weather conditions and the manufacturers will not guarantee the product here anymore.

“So, cost-wise, I would think a solid brick home would be more expensive per square foot than stucco, and cost a premium of at least 10 per cent.”

Back in Ontario, Tahani Aburaneh, founder and broker at Urban Living Realty, says, when it comes to the valuation of properties, the difference is minimal and mostly depends on the buyer’s preference, though her experience contradicts the poll’s findings.

“When you look around at all the higher end properties, stucco or stone is what is on the outside,” she adds.

“Brick is most common on average homes and sometimes combined with siding. So it goes like this price wise: siding, brick, stucco and stone is most expensive.”

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  • by Diane Dozois 2014-12-04 2:03:04 PM

    Anytime a person is investing in a long time ownership of their home Brick is by far the best. I still put a premium on a brick home when I am listing it. Vinyl siding or stucco cannot be compared for sound, wind, durability, etc. Good solid brick does not seem to date itself.

  • by MND 2014-12-05 6:12:29 AM

    Painting of stucco isn't the only maint. Some Caulk is usually necessary annually. Our climate just isn't suited to stucco. It's a cheaper option than brick only prettier than siding.

  • by michael weatherall 2014-12-06 10:00:36 AM

    A contractor friend said he would no more purchase a stucco house than the multitude of leaky ( stucco ) condo's were plagued with here.

    The west coast is no place for stucco..period...soaks up water...holds it....and inexpensive system for surfacing..and too often applied when base ( plywood/osb ) is still damp.

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