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Canada ranks well in the world’s ‘most livable’ list… Edmonton considers new proposals to boost mature neighbourhoods… Living with builders on your doorstep; not always a good experience… And no income raise for New Brunswick’s low income families…


Canada’s big cities are among the ‘most livable’ in the world

Canada holds three of the top spots in an annual survey on the ‘livability’ of the world’s great cities. The report by The Economist ranks cities based on healthcare, infrastructure, education, culture and environment, and stability. Melbourne tops this year’s list followed by Vienna, but then it’s three-in-a row for Canada with Vancouver, Toronto and Calgary in 3rd, 4th and 5th places. The similarities between the highest-ranking cities include their middling size, in wealthy countries, and relatively low populations. The report says that this allows for recreational activity in an environment with low crime and unburdened infrastructure. Read the full story.


Edmonton looks at increased infill

Changes to the ways that construction is managed in mature neighbourhoods could create housing for 250,000 people in Edmonton. The council is considering options for its infill development plan and has consulted with construction companies, school trustees and those who may be among the new residents. Builders are calling for rezoning to allow ‘skinny’ homes and garage development along with other measures that would create many more homes in around 100 mature neighbourhoods in the city. If the proposals are agreed, it is seen as a plan to add new life to areas of the city where the population is ageing and young families need affordable and desirable options. The council will consider plans early in the New Year. Read the full story.


Living with builders; how construction workers can be unpleasant neighbours

Thousands of new homes are built every year, many more are redeveloped and most of the time we accept the need for construction works and developments proceed with few major issues. However for some living in close proximity to construction is a nightmare. Reports from some residents in Vancouver highlight the problems that can occur; the noise, the mess, the ignoring of the times that construction is allowed. Writing in the Vancouver Sun, Barbara Yaffe suggests that this is not uncommon and that the city should have an ombudsman for construction disputes. Her article cites a number of cases in which residents have been inconvenienced or claim that their property has been damaged by inconsiderate builders. Perhaps the pressure that the industry is under to supply the market is pushing some operators to the limits of what should be acceptable?


New Brunswick workers will not get minimum wage increase

Affording a home is a basic need but for low income families it is a big struggle and in New Brunswick it’s not about to get any easier. With figures for July from the local real estate association showing an increase in average house prices of 3 per cent year-over-year, news that there is to be no increase in the minimum wage will only increase the pain. While some other provinces are adding 20 to 25 per cent to their minimum wage, NB will tie with the Northwest Territories for Canada’s lowest rate. Read the full story.


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