Delegates and speakers pleased with Investor Forum

The high-calibre event held at the Carlu in Toronto, Ont., on March 25 and 26, was attended by more than 600 real estate investors over the weekend.

Real Estate Investment Network President Don Campbell was particularly impressed by the professionalism of the delegates, saying that event did a great job of drawing actual real estate investors, rather than dreamers.

“The reason I chose to speak at this event is because of the quality of Canadian Real Estate magazine. That’s the No. 1 thing,” he said shortly after speaking to a packed auditorium on Friday, March 25.

“I knew that the quality of the readership was strong, and I knew that they were actually committed and want to be investors, and that’s what I’d like to be able to do is have an impact on people who actually are taking action, rather than people that are just dreaming.”

Author and Real Estate expert Peter Kinch agreed, saying the forum provided an excellent opportunity for professionals, including himself, to interact with one another.

“Canadian Real Estate magazine attracts a large number of investors right across Canada,” he said after signing numerous autographs at the Wiley Books booth in the exhibitor area.

“So having the opportunity to present and speak at this forum has been a great opportunity for me to share some of things that I think are important to all real estate investors and potentially gives me a new audience to address that to.”

Delegates in general agreed the forum set a new standard in real estate conferences, citing as proof the list of informative speakers, which also included Second Cup Co-founder Frank O’Dea and HGTV’s Scott McGillivray.

Delegate Shirley Smith said she particularly enjoyed Campbell and Kinch’s speeches in addition to the organization of the event.

“It’s been really good. Better than expected for me. I’m kind of more on the shy side as far as meeting people. But people here seem to be pretty knowledgeable and have a lot of good information. And I think the set up has been really good as well. “

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