Deserted town in the U.S. up for grabs

Looking for a home away from the madding crowds of metropolitan life? Then this “ghost town” in the U.S. might be up your alley.
Cabin Creek, a deserted locale just 45 minutes off Denver, CO, went up for grabs at Craigslist. According to a July 4 ABC 13 report, an enterprising buyer can get the town’s 5 acres, gas station, roadside restaurant, shooting range, 8-slot RV park, 8-room motel, and 2 houses for just $350,000.
The town has also been refurbished with updated wiring and electric panels, along with a renovated well and a new sewer.
“There's something cool about tiny towns. Anytime I would stop on Route 66, I'd see places like this and I just love them,” current owner James Johnson said.
Johnson, who first stepped into Cabin Creek around 36 years ago, said that he once planned to turn the town into a tourist attraction.
A murder in the area soon put the brakes on those ideas, however, and people started leaving.
“There was nobody here, so these buildings sat totally vacant. Nothing going on out here for a number of years,” said Johnson, who is now planning to retire with his wife soon.
“We would like to sell. We have some traveling we would like to do and this project keeps us here,” Johnson wrote in the town’s Craigslist entry.

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