Developer goes full steam ahead with Ontario high-rise condos

by Ephraim Vecina on 17 Apr 2019

Major developer Cortel Group is spearheading multiple high-rise condo projects in Ontario.

The Towers 3 and 4 luxury condo buildings, representing the final phase in the much-anticipated Oak & Co. luxury condominium complex, are scheduled to officially launch on April 27, 2019.

Towers 1 and 2 are already being build, while Towers 3 and 4 will be entering the Toronto market starting at the $300s, Cortel Group said in its announcement.

“Located at Trafalgar and Dundas East in the Uptown Core, Oak & Co. will be pivotal in shaping the area’s visual landscape while providing countless amenities and creating its own identity,” the developer added.

“Situated right in between Morrison Creek Natural Heritage Park and the Uptown Core community, Oak & Co. is a wonderful synthesis of the natural and urban setting that defines all of Oakville as a whole. Most units overlook the leafy landscape by means of generous balconies and large glazed openings.”

Meanwhile, the newly announced 60-storey CG Tower is expected to become the tallest building in Vaughan, as well as the tallest structure in Cortel Group’s Expo City development.

“Making its mark on the City of Vaughan was Cortel Group’s intention and overall aim. The tower will emerge as a landmark to the Vaughan skyline - anchoring an active urban community complemented by Edgeley Pond & Park - the largest city-owned park located in the heart of the Vaughan Metropolitan Centre,” the developer stated.

Scheduled for completion by September 2021, the building will feature an all-brick finish for its exterior, contrasting the city’s profusion of glass condo and office structures.

“CG Tower is going to be a really important building for the evolution of Vaughan. Vaughan has had for a long time a certain kind of character, kind of a low-rise character… CG Tower says, definitely, Vaughan’s character is changing and this is the character that makes a bold statement about that,” project lead architect Richard Witt said.


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