Expert maps out rent-to-own strategy

“I moved back in 2003, and basically had to start over again,” he says. “No credit, not much cash, few contacts; I was basically starting from scratch like a first-time immigrant. I was pretty much un-employable in Canada as far as a ‘good’ job was concerned.”

Dubeau had some previous exposure to real estate: his mother was an investor, and he had dabbled in some foreclosure deals while living in Costa Rica. It was this experience coupled with his need to start earning money that prompted Dubeau to consider his own full-time investing career. After experimenting with “get-rich-quick” books bought from infomercials and various forms of property investing between 2003 and 2005, Dubeau finally settled on the “RTO,” or rent-to-own model.

It provided such excellent cash-flow with minimal hassle, he says, and it prompted him to write the book “Rent-to-own Profits for Canadians” with his brother, Dan. This investment strategy will also be the focus of Dubeau’s session at the Vancouver Investor Forum.

“I think I’ll call it the ‘The ABC’s of RTO!’” he quips. “I’ll be going over what it is, the different kinds of RTO strategies out there, the pros and cons of this investing technique, how it can work for seasoned investors as well as novice and beginning investors and how you can minimize ‘tenant and toilet’ headaches if you do it properly!”

Dubeau praises the Investor Forum as the best place for investors to learn which strategy is the best way to get them into income-producing properties.

“There’s this quote: ‘Smart people learn from their mistakes, and wise people learn from the mistakes of others,’” he says. “People are smart if they’re coming to an event like this, because success really is about getting educated before you jump in.”

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