Federal government should focus on helping at-risk sectors - CHRA

The growing number of individuals that qualify as among the most vulnerable members of Canadian society—like aboriginals, the homeless, and the working poor—deserve to be prioritized in the federal government’s efforts to improve the country’s housing situation, according to the Canada Housing and Renewal Association.
The CHRA added that this particularly applies to the northern part of Canada, where home prices and maintenance costs are higher than the rest of the country, The Canadian Press reported.
In particular, the federal government should spend on housing that would address the needs of the youth and the “chronically homeless”, as well as those of veterans, LGBTQ individuals, and victims of domestic violence.
“The fact is that there are a lot of Canadians for whom house prices simply don't mean anything because that's just completely out of reach,” CHRA executive director Jeff Morrison said.
“We need to focus as part of the strategy on those Canadians for whom the non-profit, the affordable housing sector, the social housing sector, is really their only option.”
Furthermore, improved funding for affordable housing would have a positive effect on the national economy and jobs market in the long run, Morrison argued.
“You are never going to lift people out of poverty, you're never going to create jobs, you're never going to create educational and health opportunities unless safe affordable housing is provided for all Canadians.”
Expected by early 2017 at the latest, the national housing strategy is expected to focus on easing the enormous pressures facing Canadian social housing at present.
The mayors of the country’s largest cities have requested the allocation of $12.6 billion over the next 10 years for the construction of thousands of affordable home units nationwide.

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