Hazards to look out for in the time of marijuana

With the Liberal government looking to fully legalize marijuana by next year, it would pay for agents to know what exactly to look out for in a potential purchase prior to the transaction.
Speaking to CBC News, Western Site Technologies president Gary Barnes noted that several new factors need to be taken into account when buying a home in Canada, especially as the Access to Cannabis for Medical Purposes Regulations just took effect late last month.
“The marijuana plant requires a lot of humidity for it to prosper,” Barnes explained. “Even for six plants, that is ultimately going to cause problems unless you have proper air exchange.”
Barnes advised would-be buyers to be wary of mould, as he doesn’t think that owners are prepared to “put in a multi-thousand-dollar air exchange system in [the] house in order to control [moisture].”
“I'm sure there are houses on the market right now that have been grows that are going to have no disclosure and it's buyer beware,” he added.
The new Regulations no longer require patients to fulfill their prescriptions at any of the 34 authorized producers, although these facilities will still be considered legal providers of medical marijuana. These patients are now allowed to grow medical marijuana at the safety of their homes.
Adam Jackson, who coordinates with government officials to supervise the maintenance and remediation of growers’ homes in Alberta, spoke of other potential hazards.
“It can be anything from the chemicals and fertilizers being dumped down the drain, or they're leaching through the carpets and the walls,” he cautioned. “Bugs are another big thing. People will use pesticides.”

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