Homeowners warned about electrical damage

Over 300,000 Toronto Hydro customers in the GTA, Mississauga and Etobicoke are were left without power last night with home owners warned about the dangers of electrical damage that may have occurred through flooding.

A number of basements in residential and condo developments were reportedly flooded with property managers and owners facing the clean-up today.

The Electrical Safety Authority board has issued the following advice to those affected:
•    Electrical Equipment impacted by flood water could be unsafe, including the main breaker. Power should be disconnected at the service by ensuring that the main switch is left in the "off" position until all electrical equipment has been tested.

•    In the event that flood water has risen above outlets, covers powercords, or is near the service panel you should contact your Local Distribution Company. Once power has been turned off or disconnected a licensed electrical contractor should be contacted to determine if electrical equipment (wires, plugs) need to be replaced.

•    Do not plug in or attempt to use electrical appliances that have been wet until they have been checked or serviced by a licensed electrical contractor or service agency.

•    Portable Generators should not be connected to electrical appliances or wiring components that have been impacted by flood water.

•    Check your generator and all component parts to ensure that they have been approved by a recognized certification agency.

Portable generators that are hard wired into your electrical wiring are required to have a transfer device to protect your home and the utility system. Hardwired generator installations must be inspected by the Electrical Safety Authority to ensure they comply with Ontario Electrical Safety Code requirements.

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