InFocus: Ignore the fear and embrace the students, advises investor

by Grainne Burns on 02 Oct 2014

Landlords should not fear entering the lucrative student market and instead focus their energies on taking out the competition.

Forget the fear and embrace the profits. That is the advice of Gillian Irving, a Toronto-based investor that now specializes in the student market.

“Not everyone sees the appeal in student housing. Some just see perceived ‘difficulties’ like messy kids, beer bottles and damage,” she says, adding that she now has five student properties in Hamilton, Welland and St. Catharine’s.

Irving says she invests more in safety and interiors to entice a more mature student tenants and higher rental returns.

“I don't do anything fancy per se, but the interiors of my homes are really nice and upgraded, and as such, tend to really stand out compared to the competition,” she says. “As a result, our houses tend to fill up fast and we can command really strong rents.”

She says this strategy is not about eliminating risks, but mitigating them. “While we have never had any issues with significant damage to any of our properties, one of the greatest ‘risks’ in student rental is the possibility of damage from parties.” To mitigate this risk, she ensures her leases outlines that students are responsible for all damage and makes the students’ parents act as a guarantor.  “If needed, we can go after them recapture any costs for damages or any unpaid rents.”

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