Investor forum quickly approaching

Don’t miss your chance to be recognized as – or learn the lessons needed to become -- one of Canada's top investors.

The Investor Forum is set for March 4 and the action-packed event has already attracted the leading voices in the space, many of whom will be hosting their own workshops.

One key part of the event is the Top Investor Awards Luncheon on Gala – the country’s most prestigious awards event for real estate investment. Winning one can help bolster your business to new heights.

“The main thing was that when I won the award and shared that information it raised awareness in people in my network around what real estate investing is and what joint ventures are. That helped quite a bit,” Chris Shebib, last year’s winner for the Award for Joint Venture of the Year. “Real estate investing is still very unknown and so winning the award raised awareness around the discipline itself and has facilitated questions.”

Now is your chance to count yourself among the industry’s top investors.

Start your campaign. Get your partners and clients to nominate you today!

Canadian Real Estate Wealth magazine has turned heads with the success stories of the past profiled winners, making this one of the most sought-after and prestigious awards in the real estate industry.

With 8 new categories this year, the Top Investor Awards provides individual investors and industry service providers in West, Central and Eastern Canada an opportunity to win recognition for their investment success and at the same time increase their marketing and joint venture appeal.

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  • by 2017-02-01 2:34:54 PM

    Started my campaign! Look out for Ashton Fisher, Rising Star Of The Year coming out of Fort McMurray. Hope to you you all there.

    In less than a year and a half, with help from: REWM award winner Stefan Aarnio, Canadian Profit$ TVs Dave Dubeau, and
    Lion Properties Rent-To-Own Master Jon Simcoe my team and I have been able to expand our real estate portfolio to holdings in Fort McMurray, Edmonton and Saskatoon. We have taken people that can't qualify for conventional financing and turned them into home owners, found run down properties and made beautiful homes we have seen families celebrate christmas in, given client's family members a chance to run their own rental property while helping him save up to own, signed people up for credit coaching programs, all while providing above average returns for happy investors.

    My favorite one recently was a pregnant women and her husband wanted to buy a home close to her father for baby support, the bank would not give them financing because the Dad has paid cash for everything in his life and didn't have the credit. They couldn't buy the house and the deal went sour. I was able to create an option for them to move in to that home as planned and help him build his credit up while living in the home they wanted.  

    Help me do more deals like this! Thanks for the encouragement.

    Please nominate me for Rising Star of the Year! Or just check us out at or on youtube.

    Name:Brendan Uren
    Job Title: Owner
    Company:Ashton Fisher
    Phone Number:7803701020

  • by realtorraj 2017-08-14 10:34:55 PM

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