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Investor webinar explores huge investment opportunities in Hamilton

by Corben Grant on 22 Feb 2022

This week, Toronto based broker and co-founder of, Ryan Coyle, sat down with Brad Lamb, an investor and broker turned developer of condo buildings in Toronto and beyond, to discuss new opportunities coming up in Hamilton and why it may be the next major market for Canadian real estate investors.

Back in 2018, the pair sat down for an interview about the City of Hamilton and its future prospects. Though a lot has changed since then, many of their predictions still ring true to illustrate why so many investors are excited about opportunities in the city.

“We’re always looking for the next big market to invest in as real estate investors,” said Coyle, “I think Hamilton, for a number of reasons, is really the next Canadian city that is in a position to really take off.“

“Hamilton is a distinct city – it’s not Toronto,” said Lamb, comparing the diversification of Hamilton to U.S. cities like Brooklyn and Pittsburgh. “It’s a small city that was primarily industrial – steel, and they segued out. It's becoming a technology city, an art city a medical city, an educational city. The way I look at Hamilton, it has an amazing future.”

The biggest appeal right now for investors looking at Hamilton is the fact that prices are much more accessible than Toronto and the GTA while still offering huge potential for appreciation. At the same time, Hamilton has a lot more room to grow with many new developments on the horizon.

One such new development is Lamb Development Corp’s own Television City; a long-awaited project that aims to bring Lamb’s unique vision for a “modern, beautiful, and clean” development with “rockstar amenities”.

“There’s nothing like television city in Hamilton. It’s a world-class building for a city that's becoming world-class.”

If you are interested in learning more about Television City and other investment opportunities in Hamilton, this webinar is a must-see. Watch the full recording now available online.

For more information about condo market investing in Toronto and the GTA, visit for expert advice and access to some of the city’s most sought-after developments.

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