Investors confidence soars at Wealth & Real Estate event

by Mark David08 Oct 2013

But the outlook is far more positive than the information put forth by naysayers. That was the key message at the Wealth & Real Estate gathering in Toronto this week – an event presented by the Toronto Real Estate Club (TREC), the 6 Degrees Real Estate Mixer series, and the Real Estate Investments Club.

“The event was put on, in essence, to help bring awareness to building wealth through real estate investing,” says Marcel Greaux, one of the organizers and the founder of TREC.

The night opened with a keynote speech from TD Senior Economist Sonya Gulati, who addressed market negativity by pointing to key economic and financial forecasts for Canada and the United States.

“We thought it would be a great idea to have TD Bank come in as the keynote speaker because that’s a foundation for the event,” Greaux explains. “It’s important to know about what’s happening today, if it’s still OK to buy real estate, and all the market fundamentals.”

The second half of the event featured an interactive Q & A session with a panel of six real estate experts. The panelists were grilled on a wide variety of topics, ranging from financing to tenant issues.

“The panel provided a look into the eyes of a complete power team and the way they view real estate from their own experiences,” Greaux says of the discussion.

On the panel were mortgage broker Greaux, real estate lawyer Shayle Rothman, chartered accountant George Dube, investor Laure Ampilhac, coach Todor Yordanov, and real estate agent Brian Persaud.

“I thought the panel gave some good, solid information,” said Erik Mitchell, managing partner of Direct Real Estate Investors. “They were very open and honest with their feedback in regards to the questions that were asked.”

Aneta Zimnicki, a mortgage broker with Dominion Lending Centres, also enjoyed the panel discussion. “I felt that the question-and-answer discussion format was insightful, and it allowed real and raw experience stories to come out,” she said.

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