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June virtual conference promises to turn agents into millionaires

by Neil Sharma on 13 May 2021

Craig Proctor, the master realtor who revolutionized the team concept, hosts a Facebook Live event every Wednesday in which he breaks down burning topics for real estate agents and presents them solutions.

“The easiest way to prove to people you can help them is to just start helping them, no strings attached,” said Proctor. “Every Wednesday morning at 11 AM, I pick a topic for realtors and cover. There’s no selling; it’s just good content and a great opportunity to demonstrate to agents that I can help them.”

Proctor began his career in Newmarket, Ontario, where he pioneered a system that catapulted him to become RE/MAX’s No. 1 agent worldwide, year after year. After spending two decades atop RE/MAX’s heap of 100,000 global agents, Proctor switched gears to become the real estate industry’s most revered coach.

As such, he’ll be hosting the Craig Proctor Real Estate Super Conference virtually from June 11-13, where he’ll dispense some of the secrets that have made him and his countless students millionaires.

Proctor himself found the system works through a few simple steps. The first involves finding somebody who already successfully does what you aspire to do because, he says, everything you want to do in real estate has already been done by thousands of agents.

“If you want to climb Mount Everest, you get a guide,” he said.

Agents often make the error of advertising themselves, erroneously believing consumers are more interested in the agent than the home. Instead of advertising himself, Proctor offers lists of homes in a given area and within a certain price range because it’s easier to eliminate houses off the list one at a time.                 

“Realtors think they should advertise a house to get a buyer when the real truth is you should advertise to get a buyer,” said Proctor.

The next step involves setting up an efficient lead generation system because it will scale your business, added Proctor, at which point you can hire agents to help you continue growing without having to sacrifice your life closing additional deals.

“The technology available today allows us to scale our businesses and even run them in different countries or inside of your own country,” said Proctor. “An expansion team involves getting agents all over the country working for a single team. The main office might be in Toronto, but you can have an expansion team in Calgary and Vancouver.”

Facebook Live is just one of the tools Proctor uses to proffer lessons to about 2,500 agents, many of whom have turned his advice into millions of dollars, and some of whom will appear at the Craig Proctor Real Estate Super Conference next month, which will feature Proctor interviewing his acolytes so that they can share their secrets to becoming millionaire agents.

To register for the Craig Proctor Real Estate Super Conference—which costs $189 for three days—click here.

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