Landlords offer help

Landlords in one town are offering up temporary help to displaced community members following the closure of a retirement residence.

Landlords in Belleville, Ontario, are offering their homes to tenants of the recently vacated Bel Marine retirement home, following the building’s closure due to health and safety violations. 

“This is a tragic situation and we couldn’t just stand idly by and do nothing” said Quinte Region Landlords Association (QRLA) President Robert Gentile.

The association has asked all local landlords with vacancies to temporarily house the displaced Bel Marine residents. 

“The hotel rooms are cramped and unsuitable for these individuals, many of whom are in wheel chairs, have disabilities, and require assistance from support workers” said association member Todd Theissen. 

“It’s very sad to see what these elderly folks are going through so we decided to try and help in some way,” QRLA member Steve Xu said.

The association currently has 250 landlord members, and Gentile is hoping many of them will agree to help out.

“Becoming homeless is a traumatic experience at any age. These people are in their twilight years and suffer from disabilities. I can’t imagine what they’re going through. Thank goodness for social services and the support programs we have in our community,” Gentile said. “If we find only one apartment for one resident, it could make a world of difference for them. That alone would make our efforts worth it.”


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