Landlord’s reputation snuffs out political ambition

by Jennifer Paterson09 Apr 2015
As a landlord you’re in the public eye, so you live and die by your reputation, say experts, but all landlords shouldn’t be painted with the same brush.

“You're advertising to the public to come into one of your homes to live, raise your families and commit to give them a safe and healthy place to live,” said Joseph Battaglia, an investor and owner of Battaglia Rentals.

“There are laws to protect your tenants which, if not followed, carry significant penalties – this in itself would defiantly impact your reputation and it should.”

Victoria Martindale, a Green Party candidate for the General Election in the UK, was forced to step down last week after she was sentenced in a case involving the death of a tenant.

In October 2013, she plead guilty to seven charges that she failed to maintain a gas boiler and other appliances at her property where one of her tenants died of carbon monoxide poisoning.

“She absolutely did the right thing by stepping down,” said Battaglia. “If through neglect or poor management someone got seriously hurt or died could you ever support that person in any capacity, never mind politically?”

Investor Nick Vescio added: “I agree that a landlord should be faulted if they haven’t done their due diligence. It's unfortunate, the industry gets bastardized as a whole.

"Are there negligent or incompetent landlords? Absolutely. But it's disheartening to paint all landlords with the same brush.”

And with social media today, potential tenants can find out whatever they want to about the reputation of a potential landlord, so you better keep your reputation clean.

“I know many tenants are now searching for property owners and managers online to see what they can find and this helps them make the decision,” added Battaglia.

“Your work, business career and home life are all tied up in one today.” 

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