Leverage Late Summer's Charm: Time to Schedule Those Outdoor Photos!

by Archie Sullivan on 24 Aug 2023

As a professional real estate agent, you're undoubtedly aware of the potent influence of high-quality images. Timing is pivotal when it comes to capturing a property's appeal, and late summer presents a remarkable photographic opportunity.

Elevate Curb Appeal

Potential buyers' first interaction with a property is typically its exterior. During late summer, the property's surrounding landscape radiates an allure of warmth and abundance. Lush lawns, mature blossoms, and rich foliage create a visually pleasing environment. Images at this time will serve as a potent tool to engage potential buyers, creating a compelling narrative of a home in harmonious dialogue with its surroundings. This compelling visual presentation can substantially influence buyer perception and decision-making.

Instill a Welcoming Atmosphere


The tail end of summer is imbued with a unique tranquility and satisfaction. Harnessing the golden rays of late summer light and capturing the serene landscape can help project a warm and inviting atmosphere. This utilization of natural light and vibrant colours characteristic of the season can significantly enhance a property's appeal, prompting prospective buyers to engage further.

Emphasize Outdoor Living Spaces

Emphasize Outdoor Living Spaces

Late summer also offers an excellent opportunity to emphasize the potential of a property's outdoor living spaces. Gardens, patios, and decks provide potential buyers with an inviting vision of outdoor relaxation and entertainment. Effective photography can help buyers appreciate the potential of these spaces, sparking their imagination about the lifestyle opportunities they offer.

Engage the Emotional Connection

As a real estate professional, take advantage of late summer's unique emotional resonance with potential buyers. This season's rich palette, the gentle glow of sunsets, and the lush greenery evoke feelings of serenity and satisfaction. Such emotions can heighten a property's appeal, allowing potential buyers to envision it as an ideal sanctuary for savouring the final days of summer and preparing for the approaching autumn.

Stay Competitive in the Market

This period traditionally witnesses a spike in real estate market activity, with heightened buyer engagement. Ensuring your clients have superior-quality outdoor photographs of their properties is instrumental in maintaining a competitive edge. These dynamic visuals can be effectively disseminated across multiple marketing channels, including online listings, social media platforms, and print media. Amidst a crowded market, professionally captured and distinctive photographs can distinguish a property, attracting increased attention from potential buyers.


As a real estate professional, leveraging the unique charm of late summer for property photography can significantly enhance your listings. By providing superior quality visuals, you not only assist buyers in visualizing their potential lifestyle but also ensure that your listings stand out in a bustling market. Remember, the key lies in optimal timing, professional photography, and a strategic approach to showcasing the property. Don't let the captivating allure of late summer pass by—capitalize on this opportunity to keep your listings competitive and engaging.

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