Lighter Side: When AirBNB goes terribly wrong

If you had thought using AirBNB to rent out your property between tenants was a good idea, think again.

One Canadian family, who had rented out their house through the popular website, returned home to what police described as a “drug-induced orgy.”

The young Calgary family had gone away for the weekend and rented out their house to four adults who said they were in town for a wedding. Soon, their neighbours started calling to tell the property owners that a bus had arrived with more than 100 people on it and the police were involved.

The estimated damage to the property is more than $50,000 and apparently AirBNB is working on a way to reimburse the Calgary family for the damages – though the company added that property damage is extremely rare through its rentals.

It’s the latest warning to property owners that, while short-term rentals may have some perks, this fast income generator might be more trouble than it’s worth.

Watch the full video to see the extent of the damage

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  • by 2015-05-05 11:30:32 AM

    Well... Duh... any rental has risks. Honestly, do people really think they don't? You can't control what others do in your property. All you can do is your due diligence, reference checks, reference checks, reference checks. Even those aren't foolproof as a landlord can lie if they want someone out bad enough. I have no idea how this company operates but in terms of the rental business, particularly in BC where landlords have little rights or recourse against tenants, shit happens... chalk it up to a price of doing business, but again, due diligence in the beginning will give you more chance of a successful rental, not foolproof however, by any means. As far as short term vacation tenants go, keep in mind that for the most part, theses tenants are "on vacation" and that means they plan on having a good time. Not usually a hundred people in your house good time, but a vay-kay is a vay-kay and there can be problems when its happening in a private residence.

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