Local knowledge key to real estate success

“My role is to gauge how international and national events are affecting Alberta’s economy," says Todd Hirsch, who will be speaking at the Calgary Investor’s Forum in September."We’re not an island, we’re very much affected by what goes on in Greece and what goes on in China.

“I monitor all these global situations, take those into context with what the Canadian economy is doing and convey to audiences how Alberta’s economy and how the real estate market here could be affected.”

Events like the Investor’s Forum ensure local investors have local information about the trends affecting Alberta’s real estate market.

“The other banks in Canada do a fantastic job of monitoring the Canadian economy and the Canadian real estate market, but with ATB financial, I’m the only bank economist based in Alberta. That’s the value I’ll bring to the conference – the eyes and ears of what specifically is going on in Alberta’s economy and how that will affect Alberta real estate prices.”

Hirsch will look at a six to 12 month forecast on Alberta’s economy, from how 2012 is likely to wrap up to an outlook on next year. With events in Europe changing daily and the U.S. election coming up there are plenty of influential events to look at. The election could affect energy markets, and from there have a pull on Alberta’s real estate markets.

“For investors looking for specific information on Alberta this is the conference where they’re going to get it,” Hirsch says. “They are going to get the best economic information that’s available in Canada.”


For more information or to register for this fall's Investor Forum travelling conferences, please visit www.theinvestorforum.ca

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