Neighbourhood is a landlord’s dream, a tenant’s nightmare

by Jennifer Paterson02 Oct 2015
Have you thought about adding one more bedroom to that four-bedroom apartment to bring in a bit more monthly rent?
One landlord in the UK’s hottest housing market has taken this plan to the next level, creating a new rental space out of the closet under the stairs – and charging £500 a month for it!
A prospective tenant, who went to see the flatshare in Clapham, southwest London, took to Twitter after being toured around the online listing.
“I have literally just been shown a bed under the stairs for £500 a month,” wrote Alex Lomax. “F you London!”
According to the photos Lomax posted alongside her Tweet, the available room is just a single-sized mattress in a small closet under the stairs.
Lomax told the BBC that the landlord who showed her the property seemed deadly serious about the under-stairs bedroom. The listing, on, is also quite serious about the property: “We’re a good bunch and like to chill out a lot together – not really looking for somebody that just wants to stay in their room.”
The BBC also spoke to Matt Hutchinson, director of flat and houseshare website, who said the advertisement was a sign of the pressure on London’s housing market.
“Average room rents in Clapham Junction are now £784 per month, so you can see why someone would be tempted by a £500 bargain, but this ad certainly isn’t offering a room,” he said.
“We’ve seen mattresses in kitchens, mattresses in sheds, in living rooms, and now we’re seeing mattresses under the stairs. I dread to think what’s next?”
This could be a sign of things to come in Canada’s hot housing markets, like Toronto and Vancouver.
How much longer before we see an ad for a closet bedroom in Little Italy or Yaletown?

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