New federal regulations to allow growing of medical marijuana at home

Patients who have prescriptions will be allowed to grow medical marijuana at the safety of their homes, as the Access to Cannabis for Medical Purposes Regulations goes into effect on August 24.
The revised rules will no longer require patients to fulfill their prescriptions at any of the 34 authorized producers, although these facilities will still be considered legal providers of medical marijuana, CTV Montreal News reported.
“The more choices, the better for patients,” Santé Cannabis executive director Adam Greenblatt said, adding that this would represent significant savings for those who are medicating using marijuana (who usually spend up to $400 a month in their prescriptions).
“You know insurance companies do not pay for the stuff yet. Affordability is the biggest barrier to access in the medical marijuana space,” he explained.
Greenblatt noted that the potential for abuse would be minimal.
“For each gram per day that a patient consumes they're allowed to grow five plants indoors or two plants outdoors,” he stated.
Patients who for some reason are not able to tend to the plants themselves can also assign someone else to grow these for them, a provision that had some authorities worried.
“It creates a very grey area in the law especially when a caregiver can grow on behalf of someone else,” according to Ian Culbert of the Canadian Public Health Association.

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  • by steve 2016-08-26 2:21:42 AM

    I am very glad about the rights of those growing and smoking the pot for 'medical reasons'
    what about my rights not to smell this shit on the street or in my house from someone growing or smoking it next door?

  • by Scott 2016-08-26 7:03:36 AM

    Simple answer - health concerns trump your rights not to be inconveniced by the smell of weed. And, if you think weed stinks, trying living near a slaughter house / meat processing plant that butchers hogs. We have that situation in Winnipeg. I'd prefer the weed.

    I am however curious how landlords and real estate investors will deal with tenants that want to operate a grow operation in a rental property. Will insurance companies still insure the property? Will tenants pay for any damages that occur such as mold clean-up? And on the rights issue, what about the landlord's / owner's rights to maintain a safe and respectable property? Does a tenant's right to smoke and grow weed overrule the property owner's rights?

    After my response to the other commenter above, I have a feeling which way the wind is blowing on my own questions as well.

  • by SuckItSteve 2017-08-26 3:26:59 AM

    I smoke weed and love pissing off grumpy old coots like Steve

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