Pierre-Paul Turgeon now offering online and live multi-family workshops

Interested in learning about investing in multifamily real estate investments? Now is your chance to learn from the best.

Pierre-Paul Turgeon -- former CMHC underwriter and fulltime multifamily investor with a portfolio of 160 doors valued at in excess of $22 million -- wants to pass his expertise onto the next era of multifamily investors.

Over the course of one weekend, from September 15-17, Turgeon is hosting a live workshop and training program in Hamilton, Ontario.

Students who take part in the course will leave the weekend with the knowledge and skill required to invest in their first multifamily investment.

“The experiential course starts Friday the 15. On that day, we take students to a live inspection; they conduct an inspection of an apartment building with a professional building inspector,” Turgeon told CREW. “That’s step one. On the Saturday and Sunday I walk them through the process of assessing and mitigating the risk pertaining to that kind of investment and how to get financing for them.

“I’m the keynote speaker but I’m assisted by a few others, including a mortgage broker, a property manager, a realtor, and a successful student who will talk about what they learned when buying their first apartment.”

Turgeon, the country’s leading expert on multifamily investment, provides a step-by-step process on how to assess an apartment building as an income-producing asset and how to mitigate the risk pertaining to that type of investment and how to get financing.

He delves into the very tools he uses for his own investments.

“It’s designed for somebody with no prior knowledge of this type of investment. We’re starting from scratch; how to submit an offer, how to conduct due diligence. What you need to understand is most real estate investors … invest in small rental properties 1-4 units,” he said. “Anything above five or more units in an apartment building is considered commercial residential and everything is different about it. The approach from the financing point of view, there are less stakeholders, there are less people with the specialty so you have to approach it differently. It’s a small world, so your reputation is critical. The course is designed for somebody that doesn’t know where to start.”

For those who can’t attend the live event, Turgeon also offers online courses containing the same training. The online version also incorporates a web-based community where students can reach Turgeon directly.

And that connection will surely go a long way in helping first-time multifamily investors succeed.
“As soon as Pierre-Paul Turgeon stepped out from behind the curtain at CMHC, he started to make a difference,” Investor Don Campbell said on Turgeon’s courses. “What he brought with him was a level of experience of seeing – in the ‘default’ world – mistakes that people had made, so that you don’t have to make them. On the other side, when he was doing the underwriting at CMHC, he learned how to get the best financing deals together. You combine those two and you understand, quite clearly, why his workshop is so incredibly powerful.”

To learn more about both the online and live workshops, click here.

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