Poll shows 3 in 4 Canadians unhappy with cost of Realtor fees

PropertyGuys.com is a private sale franchise network, which would benefit from more buyers turning away from the traditional real estate agent path to buying and selling homes. The survey was produced by Harris-Decima.

“This Spring, Canadian don’t want to get snowed,” said Ken LeBlanc, president of PropertyGuys.com. “Today’s poll clearly shows that Canadians are tired of shelling out up to 5% of the value of their home for commissions to a high-fee agent.”

In recent years, for-sale-by-owner listings have gained popularity as well, which has led to an industry itself in connecting deals minus the Realtor.

“Every year, more and more Canadians are opting to sell without a high-fee agent,” said Walter Melanson, director of partnerships with PropertyGuys.com.

He said a recent settlement between the national association representing real estate agents and the Competition Bureau clarifying that mere postings on the Multiple Listings Systems were acceptable will benefit those wanting to sell without an agent.

The poll results showed 75% of homeowners felt real estate commissions were too high, and 64% were open to considering an alternative to a real estate agent to sell their home. Some 79% said they believe the time has come to allow new technology to change the way they sell their home.

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