Possible fraud by real estate mentor

Former Montreal resident Marco Kozlowski has toured the real estate circuit as a mentor for would-be property buyers around the world, but the former speaker is now in hot water over allegations of fleecing his clients with false information.
Assuring trainees that they can purchase U.S. real estate for far lower prices than usual, Kozlowski’s company At Will Events hosted the seminars that are supposedly aimed at helping people “create instant cash flow” via property investment.
Kozlowski’s workshops, which start at $3,500 for three days and can end up as much as $100,000 for intensive one-on-one sessions, often feature his ostensibly successful attempts to purchase real estate virtually. He draws potential buyers in under the promise that they can participate in the market at negligible cost, no matter where they are at any given moment.
In one teaching video, Kozlowski went over the details of a transaction that apparently went “pretty snappingly good”. According to the video, the Macon, Georgia property was bought while Kozlowski was staying in a hotel somewhere in Canada.
“I’m 2,000 kilometres away from this property as we speak, and I’m able to buy three properties worth about $150,000 for $30,000 total,” Kozlowski was quoted by the Montreal Gazette as saying in the video.
The touted positives of these seminars have yet to bear fruit, as some investors have already referred Kozlowski’s firm to the U.S. Federal Trade Commission last year, saying that the sessions are misleading. Other former participants said that they didn’t receive returns anywhere near the amounts (rent worth $1,100 a month) that the real estate mentor promised them.
Kevin Davis, the owner of the Macon, Georgia home that Kozlowski supposedly purchased in the aforementioned video, said that he has never heard of—much less interacted with—the virtual buyer. Davis confirmed that he has owned the house for over a decade now, and that the property’s title remains under his name to this day.

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