Real estate agents face online ranking in Quebec


The new website is being offered by the Quebec Federation of Real Estate Boards (FCIQ) at


Visitors to the site can view rankings of individual real estate brokers, or view all profiles alphabetically. Brokers are ranked on a scale of one to five, with one being very dissatisfied and five being very satisfied. Only a scattering of scores are available thus far, however.


Claude Charron, president of the FCIQ, told the Montreal Gazette that the idea mirrored similar sites that rank doctors, dentists, and vets. The idea was to be proactive and thus still control the content. “If we don’t do it, others will,” he said.


The Gazette noted early criticism that the new ranking site allows brokers to choose whether to publish the feedback. But it also pointed out that brokers must choose to have all feedback or none shown – no selective comments can be filtered in or out.


The Gazette said a similar feedback program in the U.S. already exists called the Quality Service Certification program. Brokers with at least five rankings will be required to keep an average score of 3.75 in order to keep their Quality Service standard, which will be monitored by a U.S. research firm.


Another criticism noted in the article is that not all brokers in Quebec are participating – it’s voluntary.


Thus brokers lacking positive reviews could just opt out. Not surprisingly, a review of the 1,248 profiles currently on the Quebec broker ranking website was lacking in rankings below four out of five – the minimum standard for client satisfaction. Only a few brokers scored below that standard, and they still were far from the dissatisfied mark of two out of five.

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