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A new report says that not only are Canada’s house prices historically high but also that our market is the most over-valued in the World. Vancouver’s West End shows how marketing can help boost a neighbourhood and is ‘bigger’ the best plan for farmland?


Canada’s Housing – Most Over-Valued In the World

When we dig a bit deeper into talk of Canada’s ‘housing bubble’ the figures show the extent of a potential problem. Not only are prices high when compared to domestic history but housing is considered "over valued."  When compared to international markets including the U.S., Australia and U.K., Canada comes out on top as the most over-valued housing market in the world. By comparison -- using the same data -- the U.S. is undervalued. Read the full story.
Vancouver’s West End Success – How to Rebrand A Neighbourhood

Once parts of Vancouver’s West End were considered bad neighbourhoods with run-down turn-of-the-century properties needing some love. Now the district is thriving with those older houses getting the attention they deserve and businesses are booming thanks in part to the success of the "Three Great Streets, One Amazing Neighbourhood" marketing campaign. Read the full story.
Not In Our Backyard

Finding new energy sources is one of the biggest challenges in the world but when it means disruption in our own neighbourhood we tend to be less than keen. In the southern Alberta city of Lethbridge, a 13,000 strong petition has brought the end to a plan to drill three exploratory oil wells just one kilometre from backyards of a fast-growing housing development. Those opposed to the plan were concerned about noise and pollution but also their property prices. However, the victory will give hope to others who are against urban drilling. Read the full story.
Offshore Energy Plan for Nova Scotia

The Nova Scotia government is funding a $12 million research project into possible offshore fuel reserves off the coast. The scientific data will be compiled over 4 years and the hope is that it will convince energy companies to drill for oil and gas along the province’s coastline. Read the full story.
Do Land Deals Plant Seeds for the Future of Agriculture?

Farmers’ groups in Quebec may not be fans but after two years in business, is Pangea’s "bigger is better" model for farmland the way forward for agriculture? The region’s powerful farmers association thinks not, describing the company as "land grabbers" but the entrepreneurs behind the deals have hit back saying that it makes underused land more productive and makes more money for farmers. Read the full story.
Bank Pushes East

They may not have any branches east of Winnipeg, but Canadian Western Bank is certainly pushing their business nationwide with the launch of Optimum Mortgage. The division is now in Newfoundland, New Brunswick, Prince Edward Island and Nova Scotia and concentrates on third-party referred residential mortgages with an estimated 1% of the market. Read the full story.

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