Realtors move to specialize in investor deals

“Many people intuitively know the value of real estate investments," says Adam Brind, co-founder and broker of record at Core Assets Inc., "but they have little understanding of the fundamentals and planning. There are many strategies available for both amateur and advanced investors, but the path to success is not always clear.”

The perception effectively opens the door for Core and others to enter, better fixing their horizons on a growing and increasingly lucrative end of the market.

Early this year, Core Assets announced the launch of its "boutique real estate brokerage" based out of Toronto’s St.Lawrence Market neighbourhood. The company will offer residential and commercial advisory services with a special focus on helping clients reach financial goals through strategic real estate investment services.  

The move is an attempt to leverage years of experience dealing in those more-complex deals and so provide the kind of value-add demanding investors expect from Realtors. Many of those real estate professionals are themselves investors.

Still, Brind's re-launch comes as a proliferation of discount and online brokerages pop up across the GTA and, indeed, Canada.

The broker is effectively swimming against the tide, but with a purpose, he says.

"The firm felt that there was a need to go in the opposite direction and provide greater depth as a full-service brokerage that can service individuals that want to use real estate as part of their overall investment strategy," says Brind, also an expert contributor to CREW online. "To do this, the brokerage has plans to build a team that is capable of handling both residential transactions as well as the complexities of commercial applications."

Another facet of its strategy is emulating the sort of one-stop-shop model mortgage brokers and other financial and real estate professionals are now gravitating to.

Specifically, the company, says Brind, is also planning to partner with investment and insurance advisers that can benefit from their expertise in real estate.


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