Squatter case outrages investors

A troublesome series of events in recent weeks have wreaked havoc on landlords, as cases of bad tenants have cost them thousands in damages and lost productivity, but a new outrage is grabbing their attention – and their anger.

Bill Moyer, a landlord in the U.S., recently lost thousands of dollars in the process of evicting Jody Engstrom, a squatter who'd broken into his rental apartment. It's worth noting that  Moyer never in fact accepted her as a tenant.

According to reports, Engstrom came to Moyer in search of a rental property. There were units, but they were not yet available at the time. After giving the would-be tenant permission to view the property from the outside, Engstrom took it upon herself to break into the property.

“I never thought any more about it. I thought she’d drive by and look at it and, uh, next thing I know I come out here about three days later and she’s moved in,” Moyer said in an NBC report. “I told her ‘I‘m telling you to get out of my house now.’ And she just looks at me and says ‘Evict me. Evict me.'”

Moyer did just that, but the process took thousands of dollars due to lost rent, clean-up costs and other fees to get the unwanted tenant out. According to the NBC report, Moyer had to pay $85 just to get the process started, despite the fact that he never agreed to rent to the tenant.

When the landlord reached out to the sheriff department, there was no quick fix. For Engstrom, online court records show that this wasn’t her first rodeo bilking landlords.
According to online court records, she has been sued at least 15 times since 2003 for not paying rent or to be evicted.

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