Steering committee shaping 2012 Investor Forum

"These are events for investors driven by investors, which is powerful and pretty darn cool," says the steering committee’s Julie Broad, founder of REV N YOU with Real Estate. “The Investor Forum is quickly becoming the event to attend for new and experienced real estate investors in Canada. I was honoured to be a part of the first two and am proud to participate in and support Canadian Real Estate Wealth in their Forums for 2012.”

She’s not alone.

For three regional conferences, tailor-made for both seasoned and new real estate investors, CREW has assembled a panel of experts – from Broad to Canadian investment leaders Brian Pulis and Wade Graham to Chris Clothier, an authority on U.S. markets.

The team is actively spearheading the development of the agenda for all three Investor Forum conferences in 2012 – Vancouver, Calgary and Toronto.

"This is a very exciting time for real estate investors,” says Clothier, co-owner Tennessee’s Memphis Invest. “It’s truly a rewarding experience knowing many investors are going to change their financial futures as well as the future for their children. I am really happy to be working with and contributing to the success of CREW magazine and the conferences across Canada in 2012.”

The planning comes on the heels of the 2011 Vancouver Investor Forum, bringing together more than 350 professional real estate investors for CREW`s first major event in Western Canada, at Vancouver’s Convention Centre. Toronto played host to the inaugural Forum in March.

Together those events featured some of Canada’s best-known names in real estate, including Cary Mullen; Don Campbell, author of the newly released Secrets of the Canadian Real Estate Cycle; Philip DuMoulin, star of the hit TV series Urban Suburban; and Peter Kinch, author of The Canadian Real Estate Action Plan.

The steering committee is looking to add to that past success, by not only fleshing out the agenda, but by scouring the industry for new information and speakers.

Those efforts will get showcased throughout the year, starting with the 2012 Toronto Investor Forum, on April 28 – 29.

“I’m excited to be a part of the steering committee and looking forward to contributing toward the success of  the 2012 events,” says Brian Pulis, president of Pulis Investment Group. “Participating in the Vancouver Investor Forum was a terrific experience for the entire Pulis Investment team.”

Another property expert on the steering committee is focused on bettering that performance.

“When I saw the lineup I was, once again, impressed at the level we will play at in Toronto,” says Wade Graham, president of Higher Ground Real Estate Investments. “You are the average of the five closest people to you so if you are looking to up that average this is the place to do it!”

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