The best place to invest, according to our readers

Every investor is interested in markets that give the most bang for their hard-earned buck, and our expert readers have honed in on that very spot.

We asked our readers and they replied: The best place to invest is Waterloo, Ontario.

“As a landlord, you will get someone who is a student. What used to happen is they used to move away, but now they’re staying, getting jobs or starting a start-up,” says investor Matt Elkind. “There is great growth in the university, but there’s also great growth in technology. They don’t graduate and leave. They graduate and stay in the region.”

CREW hosted two polls; the first one asking readers which province offers the best investment opportunities.

Exactly 50% of our readers agreed Ontario offers the best investment opportunities, followed by British Columbia (21%), Alberta (10%), Saskatchewan (7%), Quebec (6%), New Brunswick (3%), Nova Scotia (2%), and P.E.I (1%).

The second poll then asked readers which specific Ontario market provides the best opportunities.

A whopping 534 readers took part in that poll and 22% of those agreed Kitchener-Waterloo is the best place to invest.

The GTA (16%) came in second, followed by Hamilton (15%), Barrie (10%), Durham Region (9%), York Region (7%), London (6%), Niagara (5%), Guelph (4%), Oakville (3%), and Kingston (3%).

Such a spread suggests investors are bullish on a number of Ontario markets – meaning there are plenty of opportunities across the province and, indeed, across the country.

But for now, it’s Kitchener-Waterloo that takes home top honours.

“On capital appreciation, it’s been in the neighbourhood of somewhere between 10% to 15% per year during the pre-construction phase,” Elkind says. “An example of that is the Icon [development in Waterloo] – units sold originally for $200,000 and a little over two years later, they’re at $235,000 with occupancy in September.”

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