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The MoneyShow Toronto: Building Wealth in a Changing Market

by Corben Grant on 13 Sep 2022

Next week The MoneyShow returns to Toronto to provide guests with insights into all aspects of the financial world. Some of the world's top market analysts, traders, investors, and portfolio managers will gather in person to share their expertise, providing attendees with a one-of-a-kind opportunity for education and networking. 

Among the many industries represented at the MoneyShow is real estate. While real estate has long received attention as a major asset class for investing, the field has been changing rapidly as of late, and many are now looking for where the next opportunities lie. The MoneyShow is one of the best sources around for up-to-date insights on where the path forward may lie.

Among the presenters at The MoneyShow is Dalia Barsoum. You may recognize Barsoum as a contributor to CREW and other financial publications. In addition, she is the founder of Streetwise Mortgages, Streetwise Wealth, and a real estate investor with 15 years of experience.

Barsoum will be presenting at The MoneyShow, and we spoke to her for an exclusive advance preview of what she will be sharing with attendees. The topic of her talk: Using real estate as an asset to build generational wealth.

“I will be going over the various strategies that we've seen investors utilize, the pros and cons, and the risks and how to manage them. I'll be talking a little bit about the different things to look for in a market when it comes to investing. We will also cover the power of leveraging smartly to grow your portfolio and some things to keep in mind when doing so.”

Barsoum says that though a shifting market may make some investors wary of their decisions, the long-term value of real estate is reliable. Value can always be found in ownership over the long term, even when buying in a down market.

“These days there is a lot of anxiety and some fear about price declines and cost of money going up, and how that's going to impact direct ownership of real estate. My plan is to show investors why what's happening shouldn't scare people away from investing, it just means you have to understand what strategies to use in this market that we're getting into, and how to plan to hedge against interest rate increases. Because if you look at real estate over the very long run, a piece of property in a market that is supported by strong economic fundamentals tends to hold value and recorrect after downturns..”

“Even if the value stays flat, the returns from real estate can still be solid. Often investors only think about values, values, values. But, if you look at where the returns from real estate come from, property value is only the icing on the cake. It’s the cash flow and the mortgage paydown, that really yield returns beyond just the value. 

“So, I'm going to talk about what strategies you should stay away from in this market. What are some of the fundamentals that you should look for if you decide to invest? I'm going to show the audience how real estate performed historically and where the power came from when it comes to cash flow and leverage, and of course, address concerns around the cost of money, which is the direction where interest rates are heading.”

As for who should attend her talk, Barsoum says that it is ideal for any investors who are curious about income properties but unsure where to start, as well as those who may have one or two investments but are looking to expand.

Finally, Barsoum says she’s overall excited to be once again attending the MoneyShow as an in-person event and to hear the many different perspectives of presenters and attendees.

“I come from a banking background, so I believe strongly in diversification. So, personally, I am interested in hearing other perspectives on different investment vehicles. How do you actually move forward in the environment we are facing using other asset classes? I'm excited to learn about that.”

Interested in learning more? The only way to hear the full presentation from Dalia Barsoum and others is to attend The MoneyShow in Toronto on September 16 and 17th at the Metro Convention Centre North in Toronto. Attendees will have the opportunity to hear from industry experts, explore the exhibition hall, take part in workshops, and network with like-minded investors. Registration for Canada’s top investment conference is still available, but time is running out. Click here to register and learn more about the conference.

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