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The MoneyShow Toronto: Creating Multi-Generational Wealth Through Real Estate

by Corben Grant on 01 Sep 2022

From September 16-17 this month the long-running MoneyShow conference will be returning to Toronto, offering attendees the opportunity to learn from the experts about all aspects of finance, investing, and wealth. Among its many presenters, the MoneyShow has a range of speakers bringing their real estate expertise to the conference.

Topics being discussed include passive real estate investing, cross-border investments, tax efficiency, and more, presented by industry leaders. One such presenter is Ryan Coyle, a Toronto-based investor and founder of Coyle is an expert in the world of pre-construction and multifamily real estate, and along with Simeon Papailias of REC Canada, will be sharing how investors can take advantage of Canada’s booming multifamily and preconstruction industries to build generational wealth. 

We caught up with Coyle for an exclusive preview of his upcoming talk at the conference, as well as to learn a bit about his personal journey and philosophy in real estate investing.

“I chose this topic because I think now more than ever creating wealth and building your own pension is so important for Canadians,” explained Coyle. “Pensions aren’t increasing with inflation, and many people don’t have the money they need to retire comfortably. With the cost of homes becoming less affordable, there are more renters than ever, making real estate the perfect asset to build your pension.”

“I’m going to share my story of how I am building my $100 million dollar portfolio step-by-step, and the different parts of the investment lifecycle to make people familiar with how easy it can be when you have a good plan and a good team.”

Coyle stresses the importance of understanding how market cycles play into your investment goals, especially in our current era of rising interest rates and historic volatility. An event like the MoneyShow provides up-to-date insights that are hard to find anywhere else.

Coyle explains his early interest in the world of real estate investing was inspired by his own family history.

“I grew up around a family full of teachers and they were always proud of their pensions and their summer vacations. I knew I wanted to be an entrepreneur rather than a teacher, and that meant I had to find a way to build my own pension, and hopefully find a way to have summers off eventually too. For me, real estate became the easiest way to do that, and I've spent the last 20 years investing in real estate and refining my knowledge.”

Another eye-opening experience for Coyle more recently was travelling in Europe, and seeing the state of the more mature markets in the region, taking it as a sign of things to come in Canada. 

“I'm always fascinated to learn about real estate prices in major cities and what you see in the major cities in Europe is real estate is extremely expensive, much more than even Toronto. Looking at these markets, it's kind of where you see Toronto and the GTA going, where only a small percentage of the population owns the majority of the real estate. It’s really important that we take advantage now because future generations are likely to get priced out and never own real estate. Having that multi-generational wealth, and being able to pass down that real estate portfolio to your next generations is one of the best ways to secure your family's future wealth.”

On who should attend, Coyle says he hopes to offer something for every investor in his presentation. However, he notes that the world multifamily is great for investors interested in growing a passive income and a large portfolio without the hassles of management.

“The first property I owned was a five plex, and it was almost a full-time job. It was very tiring. Nowadays, I could never own as many properties as I do if they were all individual houses, it would be too much work. So this is a really great option for investors who want a large portfolio without making it a full-time job and who are interested in a safe and lucrative way to build wealth in real estate.”

Learn more from Ryan Coyle and dozens of other industry experts at the Toronto MoneyShow, on September 16 and 17th at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre North. In addition to hearing from expert speakers,  attendees can explore the MoneyShow exhibition hall, take part in workshops, and take advantage of networking opportunities you won’t find anywhere else. 

Register now to secure your spot at Canada’s top investment conference.

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