The next hot neighbourhood in Toronto?

With Toronto condo rentals up by 17 per cent in the fourth quarter of 2014, investors are cashing in on a strong market and solid demand for properties in ideal locations.

But where’s the best area to get the biggest bang for your buck? Look no further than Regent Park, says one agent.

“I recommend the area to investors and clients all the time,” said Laura Inward, a Realtor at Keller Williams in Toronto.

“I really like the area. I tell investors all the time that they’ll see returns if they invest there because the prices are low and the redevelopment that’s going on there is promising. There’s an aquatic centre, parks and, as the area continues to develop, more people could end up there [driving prices up].”

While other areas close to the downtown core, such as King West and St. Lawrence Market, may yield a condo for upwards of $450,000, the Regent Park area has condos selling for as low as $380,000.

This is because the area is still under construction, as development projects continue and the area grows. However, Dianne Beaman, an agent with iPro Realty Inc., said that the neighbourhood is slowly overcoming the stigma of the “old” Regent Park.

“We’re starting to see more sales in the area, but there is still a kind of stigma about Regent Park,” she added.

“It was notorious for not being the best area, like other areas such as Moss Park and the west end near West Mall Road, but things are changing. It reminds me of what Liberty Village was like a few years ago. I had a friend who purchased a property over the south of King Street and the market has done well.”

Still, investors looking for good opportunities would be wise to look at the Regent Park area as sales and rental head upward, said Tarik Gidamy, chief sales officer at

“More than 60 per cents of the units sold [in Toronto] are sold to investors and vacancy rates are historically low, so it’s a good time to invest,” he said.

“The development just south near the Distillery District will increase market value in the area over the next several years as development continues.”

Ralph Fox, a real estate broker and consultant in Toronto, said more than $3 billion in development projects in the Regent Park area and the Canary District make the area a charming proposition for investors.

“It was almost forgotten land a couple of years ago, but now there are more than $3 billion worth of projects occurring in the lower east side of the city, some of which I’m involved in," he added.

"It’s changing the whole area and making it more attractive for consumers to consider the opportunities.”


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  • by Lamis Dantas 2015-01-27 1:11:05 PM

    We've been saying this for a while especially being the anchor real estate brokerage in Regent Park and witnessing the increase in property value vs purchase value for the past 4 years.Since the beginning of the revitalization we were convinced with the project which encouraged us to start our website to track the progress in real estate in the area from Phase 1 until the end of the project.

  • by alexiscooper5 2015-01-28 12:11:30 AM

    I read your article and its a very nice article. The market is going high thats a very good news for the investors of Toronto.

  • by Skycandy 2015-03-28 12:53:40 PM

    Thanks for the article...I agree 100%. The east side of the core seems to have been the last holdout in all the development around the city these days. The West Donlands, Distillery, Waterfront development, the burgeoning of Leslieville (and Jilly's rebirth), the dream of a DRL through the area, and of course the building of a city within a city (Regent Park's renewal) bodes well for the whole area.

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