This is the most expensive condo ever sold in Quebec

by Neil Sharma on 20 Jan 2021

A penthouse condominium suite in Montreal’s Ritz-Carlton that sold for $11 million set a record on the province’s Multiple Listings Service.

“I had it listed for fewer than 90 days,” said Liza Kaufman, founding partner of Sotheby's International Realty Québec, and the broker of record at Kaufman Group. “I’d say it’s excellent for a property that expensive, considering it’s the highest priced sale ever for a condominium listed on the MLS in Quebec.”

The buyer is an American who, because of the COVID-19 pandemic, was unable to physically visit the two-storey, 6,979 sq ft suite that had initially been listed for $12.9 million.

“Because of COVID, they weren’t in Montreal; they were on an island in the Caribbean and I was in Miami, and we concluded the deal via FaceTime viewing,” said Kaufman. “This isn’t the first deal like this I’ve concluded recently; the second-highest priced condo sold in Quebec last year was to my client in Aspen while I was still in Montreal. I showed them the condo via FaceTime as well.”

The unit, which the developer dubbed the “Rockstar,” has 5,301 sq ft of interior living space and panoptic views of Montreal’s Golden Square Mile, the Museum of Fine Arts, and Mount Royal. It also has 25-ft ceilings, its own private elevator, 24-hour security, a catering entrance and nook in the kitchen, and all three bedrooms are en-suite.

“It also has 2,000 sq ft of outdoor space, which would enable the new owner to host a party for about 100 people outside, even though they’re in the middle of the Golden Square Mile,” said Kaufman.

As it turns out, Kaufman is no stranger to breaking records. In August, she set the record for the most expensive house ever sold in Quebec at $20 million. That six-bedroom house, which was built in 1924, was nearly 30,000 sq ft and had a 14-car garage.

“Breaking records is something we absolutely enjoy doing,” she said. “I have developed my international network through Sotheby’s network and that’s why we can break records repeatedly. The high-net-worth client base we deal with has multiple homes, and having that kind of global reach, especially because of our web presence, allows us to conclude these sales on a repeat basis.”

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