Tim JP Collins on how the Investor Forum can change your life path

Tim JP Collins is a renowned stress and anxiety coach who has had previous experience as a corporate executive and an entrepreneur. Having built up a successful real estate investment portfolio, Collins brings the versatility of his experiences to bear in his current calling as a highly sought-after counselor and as the creator/host of “The Anxiety Podcast”.

Collins’s Investor Forum talk is titled “When Life Gives You Lemons...Invest in Real Estate!”

Tell us about your presentation.

The presentation will share my stories and insights about chasing the dream in the corporate world, and then realizing that it really wasn’t for me. I didn’t really want to be stuck in that kind of job until I’m 60 years old. It was at that point where I was experiencing high levels of stress and anxiety at work, and I began thinking, “How do I get out of this? How do I do something different?”

That was when I started to get more involved in the world of real estate so that I could to some extent control my own destiny, choose my own future. It was then that things went together, and the talk is about how I made that transition to building up stability through real estate.

The underlying theme in my presentation is that in our lives, we almost always wait for perfection before we take the first step. We want all the stars to be aligned, but the truth is that it never happens. The truth is that we need to embrace the uncomfortable and take the first step, take that leap of faith and say, “I’m going to move forward.”

Why is attending the Investor Forum important?

It is important because simply by attending, you’re already saying, “I’m different.” You’re already saying that on a weekend, while everybody else is hung over or watching Netflix, you’d rather invest in your future. You’re choosing something different.

For those attending this Forum, I hope I will be able to give them the abilities and tools they’d need to shift the paradigm and start living now, instead of going down the standard path of building up a pension and retiring at 60.

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