Toronto ‘professional tenant’ gets the boot

A 62-year-old Toronto man who has been accused of not fulfilling his financial obligations since 2014—enjoying free rent, furniture, and vehicle use in the process—has been finally evicted from the apartment that he had been staying on since July without paying.
“Professional tenant” James Regan was forced out of the dwelling on Tuesday (November 22), although he has already received an eviction order—the third under his name since 2014—from the Ontario Landlord and Tenant Board on October 14.
“I am very relieved,” landlord Robin Ennis told CBC News while changing the apartment’s locks under court-ordered supervision. “It's been a living hell for the [past] months.”
Earlier on Tuesday, Regan surrendered to 53 Division police officers. He has since been charged with assault in connection with a September 24 confrontation with one of his previous landlords, who the “professional tenant” allegedly attacked in a fit of rage.
Court records revealed that Regan was previously evicted from another property for failing to settle more than $25,000 in rent. Prior to that, Regan lived in a luxury condominium near Humber Bay Park Road West and Lake Shore Boulevard West for a year without paying rent.
Anecdotes from a variety of personalities revealed the tangled web of Regan’s questionable transactions.
Furniture owner Terry Finlay recounted his meeting with Regan on New Year’s Day 2015.
“He was very well-coiffed, well-dressed, well-spoken. He obviously had good taste,” Finlay said. Regan went on to select various pieces of lavish furniture totalling $18,000.
While the furniture shop owner and Regan agreed upon an installment payment plan, the latter never got around to making any payments despite having the furniture for over a year and a half already.
Jim Hamilton, general manager of car dealer Yorkdale Ford Lincoln, recalled that Regan took home a Ford Escape from the dealership and used it as his personal vehicle. They suddenly found themselves unable to get a hold of Regan when Ford wanted to verify his details.
Hamilton admitted that this turn of events forced the company to resort to deception to get back the vehicle.
“We tricked him into thinking everything was all approved,” Hamilton said. “He'd even contacted the insurance company to set everything up. When he brought it back, we blocked it in.”

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