Toronto’s toughest sales agents ready to go toe-to-toe

In a bid to raise money for charity, sales agents have undergone major physical transformations in preparation for the Toronto Real Estate Rumble that have rendered them virtually unrecognizable.

Anna-Lisa Sippola, a talent acquisition partner with DGA Careers, says her body has taken a beating, and she’s had to go in for a few tune-ups, but she’s also never felt better.

“The training has been intense to say the least,” said Sippola. “I have never put my body through anything quite like this, so it is pretty amazing to see what we are capable of when being pushed to our limits. My body is definitely broken, and I have paid many visits to my physio clinic, but I also have never felt better in terms of my body physically changing, my increased cardio stamina and strength.”

Julia Lang, a sales representative with Life Estate Realty, says she’s an on-and-off boxer, although mainly for fitness purposes, but training for TRERumble is unlike anything she’s ever done. While she hasn’t warmed up to the sprinting component of her grueling regimen, she’s been pleasantly surprised by the meal plan she adheres to.

“Sticking with the meal plan hasn’t always been easy, but my body appreciates it, so I will keep components of it in my post-fight life,” said Lang. “I intend on being in the boxing gym two to three times a week once the event is done to continue with the work I’ve already put in.”

James Burton, managing partner with Percy Ellis, agrees with Lang’s assessment of the meal plan, but thinks he’ll follow a more balanced meal plan when the fight is over.

“I love the regimented, clean eating,” he said. “Following a meal program saves time and money, increases energy, and keeps the body looking and feeling more fit. I’ll definitely continue with the nutritional program, but might throw in a couple of extra cheat meals starting November 23.”

Burton doesn’t mince words about what he expects come November 22.

“I’m not going through all of this to lose—losing sucks,” he said. “I’m in it to win, and that’s what I plan on doing for my team.”

“I’m extremely pumped,” continued Burton. “On the one hand I want it to come sooner, but on the other hand I need more days to get fight ready. It’s going to be a real spectacle. I can’t wait get in the ring and put all of this training to use.”

Brennan Wood, founder of Foundry Mortgage Capital, like all the other fighters, has made immense sacrifices to ensure he’s in tip-top shape for the competition.

“The training has been intense,” said Wood. “We’re all working out six times a week and we’re all on strict diets. The boxers have all made massive sacrifices to participate and it’s been amazing seeing the progress everyone has made.

“The physical training I actually enjoy a lot. I just put my head down and do the work. The hard part has been saying ‘no’ to dinners out and missing after-work drinks with colleagues and friends.”

While all of the fighters interviewed signed up for TRERumble to test and better themselves, they all said they wouldn’t have joined if the cause wasn’t worthwhile.

Charities imagine1day and We—who joined forces only a few months ago—have facilitated the development of an early childhood centre, elementary school, library and a well in Freselam, Ethiopia.

The 24 volunteer TRERumble fighters must each raise $1,000, which will go towards building another childhood centre, for which $35,000 is the target goal.

“To be part of an exciting education movement in Ethiopia is a privilege,” said Sippola. “Supporting communities, teachers and governments build schools, invest in young children and young women, and develop young leaders for tomorrow—I could not be more proud of what everyone has done to make this all happen.”

Lang has two young sons, and says the cause hits close to home.

“I have a son who just started junior kindergarten, so ensuring all children have access to education is very important to me,” she said. “Seeing my son’s excitement at the end of each school day is something every child deserves.”

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