Upcoming free event: Canadian Real Estate Investment Summit

by Corben Grant on 15 Jun 2022

This weekend, investors are invited to attend a free online summit that brings together experts in Canadian real estate to share their insights on a broad range of topics. This digital event is being offered free but presents huge value for investors looking to expand their knowledge and make the most of their investments in a changing market.

The summit will be presented live on Saturday, June 18th from 12 pm to 3 pm ET. Speakers at this event include Simeon Papailias of Investor’s Playbook, Cynthia Aasen from Integrated Equities, Taylor Musseau of MLA Canada, and more. Across the event, each presenter will share a short talk on a range of topics from pre-construction to cross-border investing, interest rates, property development, and more.

To learn more about the summit, we caught up with speaker Cynthia Aasen and her business partner Taylor Steele, who are working together to host the event in partnership with their team at Integrated Equities. The team first began hosting investor summits in 2015 and have worked to grow and evolve the educational sessions designed for real estate investors. Beginning as an in-person event in Vancouver, the pandemic served as a blessing and a curse, forcing them to move online but opening their event up to an even wider audience.

“Obviously, everyone really enjoys the ability to get together in a hotel room and rub shoulders, but sadly that was taken away from us in early 2020,” explained Steele. “But, we had been running the events for close to five years and wanted to continue to deliver them, so offering the event through Zoom was our way to do that. The blessing through all of that is instead of people having to drive to downtown Vancouver to attend, they can log in from Kelowna, Calgary, Toronto or really anywhere. With a greater reach to attendees, we gained the ability to deliver that same information to investors across Canada. That really was a huge benefit for the Investment Summit, and the number of registrations and attendees has continued to increase because of it.”

When it came to putting together programming for the event, Aasen and Steele worked to bring together presenters that they themselves look to and trust as active authorities in their respective fields. In addition, they aim to provide attendees with a variety of topics important to the world of real estate.

“These speakers are people that we follow, we understand their content, and we really value their insights. They're highly knowledgeable and they all specialize in different markets, different asset classes and offer different insights,” said Aasen. “These are the people that are out there in the marketplace doing a lot of business, and so what they bring to the table is very current and relevant.”

Another great benefit to featuring a variety of speakers is an appeal to many different investors. Everyone from the newest investor to an established expert will find new and thought-provoking insights from the summit. From broad market conditions to more niche investing avenues, the summit presents something for everyone.;

“I think the content the summit offers can appeal to a wide range of investors,” said Steele. “From those who are just getting started to the very sophisticated investors that are looking to take action on new opportunities.”

The Canadian Real Estate Investment Summit is being presented live on Saturday, June 18th, 2022 beginning at 9 PST / 12 EST. Click here now to register for this free summit event and learn more about the featured presenters.

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